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Festival Coach Hire

Islington – Festival Coach Hire 

Islington, and the nearby areas of inner London, has several festivals lined up throughout the year, each one of them providing plenty of fun, and something for everyone. 
The celebrated annual City of London winter festival, with free concerts, run from December to March, every year. The venues are just a couple of miles away from Islington town centre. The St. Patrick’s Day festivities, the second week of March, mostly cantered around Trafalgar Square, around 3 miles from Islington is one of the major upcoming events. Field Day, one of London’s best music festivals, is scheduled for Victoria Park, 2 miles away from Islington town centre, on June 11 and 12, 2106. Born and Bred, another very popular music festival, is scheduled for June 5 and 6, 06, at Haggerston Park, 1.5 miles away. 
The Angel Canal festival, slated for 4 September 2016, in Islington, is a fun fair, with several rides, stalls, street theatres, and other exciting events. 
If your group plans to partake any of the festivals of the region, be it to perform in it, or as visitors, you would do well to book a minibus with us. Festivals are usually times of heavy crowds, with the transportation infrastructure stretched. In such times, we offer seamless and reliable door-to-door transfers, between your home or hotel, to the festival venue, or anywhere else you fancy, 
Our fleet of Islington minibus hire vehicles include high end and universally accepted vehicles, such as Ford Transit, Mercedes 16 seater, Volvos, and Iveco coaches, each having a distinctive class of its own, and all coming with the latest accessories that enhance comfort. 
Our minibus hire in Islington also comes with the services of a reliable driver, who remains with you group, and navigates the vehicles through thick and thin, amid heavy traffic, and adverse climatic conditions. They are experienced enough to handle any situation, and make sure you do not run late, and miss your event. Our customer support team renders strong support, coordinating all your trips, and making available any special requests you make.  
We have strong systems in place, both internally and externally. Our external systems make things very easy for customers, and our robust internal systems guarantee that vehicles are maintained on schedule, and our service is very reliable. 
Our festival coach hire also works out to be the cheapest option you can avail in town. We offer unbeatable value, and for this reason, are the most popular minibus hire in Islington operators.