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49-53 Seater Coach-Hire

Islington – 49 Seater 53 Seater Coach  
As any good team leader knows, a team is only as strong as its weakest link and it is important that all of the members of your team learn to work together. You can help your team to connect and form stronger bonds by arranging a special team building day out. This is also a great way for them to let off a little steam while having fun at the same time. You will naturally want to make sure you hire a vehicle for the day that is large enough for the whole team to travel together, which makes arranging a 49 seater coach or a 53 seater coach the perfect solution. 
The dedicated driver of your minibus hire in Islington will arrive at the office at the appointed time to collect your staff members and take them to the team building venue of your choice. Holding a treasure hunt in the grounds of one of the impressive stately homes or the large and lovely parks that can be found in the area is a great way to get your staff to work together. If you wish you can set clues and questions that are all about your company to allow your staff to prove that they are knowledgeable and at the top of their game.  
The team can have fun learning a new skill together by booking a special chocolate making class at the London Art House. This is also a good way to put your staff’s team playing skills to the test as you can divide them into small groups so that they have to work together to make something out of chocolate and of course you will want to make sure that there is a prize available for the best team. People who have a sweet tooth are sure to love this experience and there will be plenty of opportunities to take photographs during the class to commemorate the experience.  
At the end of the day, all of your team members should have become closer and have lots of shared experiences to build on. You can now use your Islington minibus hire to head to a restaurant to reward your team for their efforts with a great meal before taking them back to the office so that they can pick up their cars and head for home to relax and unwind before it is time to get to work again.